Wim Bosch

Groningen, Niederlande



Wim Bosch, lives and works in Groningen , the Netherlands

Wim Bosch studied at the Minerva Academy for Visual Arts in Groningen and was awarded the Royal Prize for Painting in 1992. However, since 2002, he has primarily focused on photography.

As an independent curator and project manager, he has executed various projects within the field of visual arts in the Netherlands and abroad. Since 2009, Bosch has been affiliated as a lecturer at Hanze University for Applied Arts and Sciences in Groningen.

As an artist, Wim mainly delves into the realm of photography using pre-existing imagery, ranging from photos from websites, architecture textbooks to newspaper photos.

Over the past four years, his focus has primarily been on printed newspaper images. With the continuous flow of news events, the supply of certain categories also fluctuated. Current affairs are, therefore, a contributing factor in his image collection. Nevertheless, he never focuses on the entire photo but always on a fragment that is non-essential to the content or meaning of the image itself.

He cuts out a snippet because, when looking at the page, the fragment ‚pierces the eye,‘ so to speak. More in the so-called ‚Punctum‘ than in the ‚Studium,‘ referring to Roland Barthes. In the recent Plaquettes series, he transforms tiny fragments of newspaper images into robust, physical objects that emphatically display their materiality. Taking visual material that is transient in several respects, he preserves them in the form of modest monuments. The fleeting moment of the act has now been physically captured. Yet, we will never know whether the photographic fragment was once part of a traumatic or joyous event.




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