Sanne Vaassen

Maastricht, Niederlande

No Man's Land
Gastatelier Höherweg 2022

To Cure Melancholia

Sanne Vaassen investigates, analyzes and records the unstoppable and constantly flowing transition of ephemeral matter within nature (change of seasons, the hydrological cycle or the symbiosis between fungus and trees). But also the changes within our culture, how for example rules and laws are adapted, how traditions and customs acquire new meanings or how language evolves are subjects that Vaassen records and questions.


Sanne Vaassen (1991, Heerlen, NL) lives and works in Maastricht. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at the Maastricht Academy of Art and Design in 2013 and was a participant at the Jan van Eyck Academy in 2014/2015. In 2015 she received the Artist Start grant and in 2019 the Artist Basic grant from the Mondriaan Fund. She was nominated for the Sybren Hellinga Prize in 2016, the Parkstad Limburg Prize in 2016 and the OPEN Prize in 2020, organized by De Balie and the Amsterdam Committee of 4 and 5 May. Her work has been exhibited in Maastricht, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Tilburg, Dubai, New York and London, among other places.





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