Riëtte Wanders

Amsterdam, Netherlands




Ausstellungsansicht Gastatelier Höherweg, 2023

Ausstellungsansicht Gastatelier Höherweg, 2023



Riëtte Wanders is an artist from Amsterdam NL working in Düsseldorf this summer as artist in residence at Ateliers Höherweg and Weltkunstzimmer.
Her artistic practice is one of constant exploration. She is known for her large-scale charcoal and textile drawings that feature vibrant organic and abstract imagery. However, her latest series of drawings represents a departure from her previous work. These new works are small, in color, and executed with oil pastel on paper.
 What sets these new works apart is their source material. They are translations of digital drawings and miniature aluminum sculptures, as well as depictions of molars with amalgam fillings. The inclusion of these seemingly disparate elements speaks to Wanders‘ willingness to experiment with different media and subject matter.
 She draws the eye to a space that is not even accessible to oneself, although it is one of our most intimate holes. the oral cavity as the space for our grinding mouth is the space in which not only saliva is produced and spat out, but also speech. Almost contradictory, Wanders seeks and finds the intimate depictions in virtual space, public and accessible to everyone.
Wanders uses her working period in Düsseldorf to further explore the use of colour in relation to her previous work with textiles, navigating between abstraction and figuration.
Riëtte Wanders‘ residence at a271 is sponsored by the Mondriaan Fonds.







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Ubbhill Music Festival, Duo Ausstellung mit Wannes Lecompte, Ubbhill, Ubbergen.

Homo Symbitoticus Rijksmuseum Twente, Gruppenausstellung mit u.a. Han Schuil, Peter Struyken en Andre Roiter.curator Atte Jongstra.

Future memory, Konsortsium Kaunas 2022. Gruppenausstellung mit o.a. Imi Knoebel, Frauke Dannert, Angela Fette, Gregor Hildebrand tand Karina Bisch. Curated by Konsortium/ Lars Breuer, Guido Much and Sebastian Freytag.




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Why dwell in the blue mountain?, Kunstpodium T, Master Apprentice. Gruppenausstellung mit Krijn Kroes, Maya Berkhof, Larissa Schepers en Arthur Dufoor.



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